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The Best Timber Flooring Cleaning & Restoration Solution

The Best Timber Flooring Cleaning & Restoration Solution

We have seen developments shaping the indoor and outdoor timber floor market, particularly the laying of structured parquet.

When new indoor flooring is laid, it looks fantastic, but floors pose the owner's problem of cleaning and care, Parquet flooring or hardwood flooring often needs to be refurbished after a few years at the latest.

In New Zealand, flooring has been restored by sanded or chemicals, both time-consuming methods, with harmful effects on the wood and the environment, not to mention your family's well-being.

Structured parquet was not considered to be removable at all. If it was sanded, the structure was lost and could no longer be restored.

We are always looking at new technologies and innovative ways of cleaning both environmentally and ecologically.

Deck refresh has new alternative methods that allow efficient and quick cleaning of timber hardwood or Parquet flooring, enabling the renovation or subsequent structuring of laid parquet with the same equipment.

Deck refresh uses a special sanding brush that cuts out the used top layer of wood and the dirt on timber flooring, grinding the surface smooth in the same operation, removing the soft wooden parts and keeping the structure.

There is a significant trend these days in the timber hardwood flooring business - Sub stainable timber wooden boards are laid more and more often with the distressed look of wood floorings, which are appreciated because of their rustically esthetic feel.

Maintenance and care of wooden flooring were cleaned with traditional sanding and chemical agents, both with collateral effects on the environment and demanding a lot of time for drying, leaving the surface rough due to the possibility of sanding the mostly profiled surface. Distressed look floorings have not been considered as an option for rejuvenating flooring. Once the surface has been sanded, the structure has been lost, and It's not possible to regain those sanded millimetres again.

Through consequent research and innovation, deck refresh uses invented a method to do both with the same equipment. The innovative method cleans and sands in one step without any water and chemical agent. Dirt & worn layers are thoroughly removed and the surface. The wood can be oiled/coated immediately after without any waiting time.

Deck refresh is Auckland's leading environmental and family safe deck restoration service.

We do it all, from floor sanding, cleaning, oiling, staining to floor maintenance.

It's the only clean solution.

If you would like a free quote or know more about timber flooring care and protection, visit

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