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Cleaning decks methods

There are several techniques for maintaining a deck. The most common are high-pressure water (which can damage the wood fibres) or chemicals to dissolve and eradicate mould (which spreads in the soil and pollutes the environment).

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Water is precious.

The water problem is serious worldwide, and NZ faces various issues, including a new record-breaking drought in 2019 / 2020. How human activities consume or pollute this resource is decisive for the well-being of humanity and the natural balance.

A study of water use in Auckland found that people typically use between 140 and 170 litres of water a day. For an average 40 m2 deck, our method saves about three times the amount of water/day/person or three days of water needed per person!

Please note that in some cases/projects, we may have to use water if the substrate is more damaged than initially thought.

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By moving through air, soil, and water, chemicals can enter your environment from many different sources. There are three essential exposure pathways: inhalation into the air we breathe, ingestion with food and water, and skin contact.

You know it very well: most of the chemicals used to clean decks are toxic to you, your family, pets, plants, and wildlife. Our method reduces the use of chemicals!

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Deck refresh

The environment is a severe matter for deck refresh. Our kids will all live on the same planet; let’s take care of it.

So yes, using water pressure or bleach to clean your deck would be easier, but we chose the old-fashioned style: hard work!

Our method doesn’t damage your wood or harm your ecosystem. We gently brush your timber to manually remove dirt, fungus, and marks of stain or discolouration. Then, we oil or stain your deck to give it the style you want and increase its longevity!

Sustainable practices are at the heart of our business. Therefore, we always try to find some good, locally made, eco-friendly products. 

You are the change: make it happen!

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