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The best deck cleaning & restoration solution for 2024.

A new timber deck looks fantastic, but the decking poses the owner with a problem of cleaning and caring after a while.

Timber decking often needs to be freshened up after a year, and they end up grey, sun-bleached, black moss, green moss, worn from the harsh Kiwi UV rays, build-up of dirt from Rugby matches in the backyard, BBQs, outdoor entertaining, and sometimes it can be unsightly.

Kiwi Decks have been treated with high-pressure water blasters, chemical agents, bleachers, and deck strippers, all of which have collateral effects on the timber wood itself, not to mention the environmental impact for the next generation.

There are more and more timber decks in the land of the long white cloud, helping kiwis infuse that outdoor and indoor living.

Why do New Zealanders love their decks? Well, kiwi homeowners love that indoor-outdoor living flow. A well-made deck allows you to extend your living areas outdoors. Who doesn't like more space?

New Zealand architects, designers, and building companies design their homes with wide doors that can open to create one continuous flow between the living space and the backyard via an entertaining deck area.

A well-maintained deck adds value to your home, but maintenance and care for the homeowner are always challenging.

These old methods demand a lot of drying time, leaving the surface rough or uneven due to the nature of timber decking and its profile. Even if the decking boards have been sanded, the structure has been lost, and it's impossible to regain those sanded millimetres again. Do it three or four times; you will need a new deck.

Deckrefresh is always looking at innovative ways of cleaning decks, both environmentally and ecologically. We want to introduce new alternative methods that allow efficient and quick cleaning of timber decking, even gutters and grooves, retaining their original colour and sanding simultaneously, all in a single operation. No chemicals, water, or high pressure are ever required.

Deckrefresh uses new technology: a special sanding brush that removes the grey layer, dirt, moss, mould, and fungus from the sanded surface. The wood can be oiled immediately afterwards without any waiting time.

Deckrefresh uses an integrated industrial vacuum cleaner system that collects grinding dust of hardwoods, which can irritate.

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If you are looking for deck maintenance or restoration services like deck oiling, you don’t have to look further than deckrefresh. If you want to learn about one of our other services, like deck cleaning, sanding, staining or painting, we can help with that too. We bring you the expertise of our decking professionals and a range of services to help you take care of your decking.

If you are interested in deck oiling in Auckland, call us at 0212222172 or fill out our online contact form.


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